How much does it cost a Lake Como wedding ? 
If you dream about getting married in this magic place but you don’t know the budget you need, you are in the right place. By reading this article you will have a clear idea of each investment you need to consider before starting the planning of your wedding. 

Are you ready? Let’s go! 


Weddings in Lake Como are the most popular, and for this reason the area is more expensive than others in Italy. 
Being completely aware of how much you can spend and of the necessary costs is the key to a successful planning. 

That’s why you should first consider the two most impactful services on the budget: the venue and the number of guests.

In regards to the other services, how much you spend and on what depends on your priorities. This can be managed to optimize the total investment. 

the Breakdown Cost for Your wedding

Here below you can find an estimate cost list of all the services your need.
We considered an event of one day during high season (May-September) with 60 guests.

lake como wedding cost

The above costs are average starting prices, but we can help by giving a more detailed list basing on your own needs.   

 If you are interested in receiving our detailed budget tracker, please click here below and we will be happy to give you assistance with this! 

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